Jun 19, 2017


     A new School in Frederick, Maryland, includes the name on pillars at the entrance.
     We hope the contractors were not graduates of the system. They misspelled the name, leaving out an "e":

The Frederick Extra website has the story.
And thanks to Maryland Editor Jay for sending us the story.

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Jay Croft said...

This story struck a chord with me, because my grandparents' home in Bloomfield CT was across the street from what would now be called an elementary school.

"BLOOMFIELD GRAMMER SCHOOL" was chiseled in stone above the front entrance.

My grandfather, who was First Selectman of the town, ordered the stone altered to give the correct spelling. However, one could still see the E behind the A.

The school burned down in the 1950's, to be replaced by a nondescript office building.

And who can forget when the parking garage opened at the Birmingham airport some years ago? The spiral ramps all had "YEILD" arrows. It was many months before anyone in authority noticed the spelling error.