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Jun 11, 2017

Sunday Focus: Protestlandia USA

     There seems to be a resurgence of protests in America in the aftermath of the Trump Election.

     Over the weekend there were dueling protests against "Sharia law", and in favor of religious freedom in a number of cities, though I am unsure exactly where those lines were drawn.

     Both seemed to be using the U.S. Constitution as the bedrock of their protests. From Reuters:

More than a dozen men belonging to the anti-government Oath Keepers were on hand, invited by ACT (an anti Muslim group) to provide security. Most of them carried handguns.
Chris Achey, 47, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, said he did not hate Muslims but believes that much of Islam is incompatible with Western culture.
"The Constitution is the law of the land," he said. "We have to be careful with who we let in the country."

     We  might point out that the Montgomery based Southern Poverty Law Center labels "Oath Keepers" as a hate group based on conspiracy theories. 

     Where will the White House come down in this dispute? 

     There have also been protests among similar the protests against corporate sponsorship at a Gay Pride march in California...

And the protests against a pro-Gay pro-Trump group in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

[Sunday Focus if a regular feature of decade #1 in The Fall]



Charles Kinnaird said...

There being no actual threat of sharia law coming about in the U.S., I wonder if these protests are similar to the fears held by so many Protestants in years past about the flood of Catholic immigrants. Then the fear was that they would be more loyal to the Pope than to their new-found country and thus undermine our security and our way of life.

Tim Lennox said...

Charles...much of what we are afraid of has no basis in fact. I remember people telling me that the Statue of Liberty would be replaced with one of Mary if John F. Kennedy was elected. Really.


Jay Croft said...

A good response would have been "Not Mary. John Calvin."