Jul 19, 2017

Alabama's Jeff Sessions & Pot

From a new Gallup Study:

"With 29 U.S. states allowing medical marijuana use, and eight allowing recreational use, legal cannabis is taking hold in American society.
There may be obstacles to marijuana becoming fully "accepted" in the United States. Attorney General Sessions appears to be cracking down on marijuana use, and driving under the influence of pot continues to be a concern for many. Despite legal hurdles, however, a record-high percentage of Americans say they have tried marijuana."

Will Alabama be the last state in the nation to approve recreational marijuana, or even medical
marijuana? Folks here seem to think that is the case. But the spread of legalization in other states presents a real problem for drug councilors and law enforcement officials trying to teach young adults not to use it. Popular media adds to that pressure with regular presentations of people using pot and other drugs. 

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