Jul 30, 2017

At The Jackson Hospital Reception

      Medicine is sometimes called the "Healing Arts", and that is the name Jackson Hospital in Montgomery has given to a collection of art that hangs in their halls and rooms, including now, two of my photos.
     The photos are among 500 that were submitted. Fifty were chosen, including my shot of the artist painting The Capri Theater (above), and many photos by other photographers featuring scenes familiar to most area residents.

Equally interesting is the collection of flower photos shot by Elenore DeMott honoring her mothers. She has taken a photo of a flower each day since August 2nd of last year when her Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers. 

     You can see a gallery of many of her "Flowers for Mom" collection at https://www.elmoredermott.com

(left) The other photo of mine selected for the Jackson Hospital renovated 9th Floor. It is in a family waiting room.

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