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Jul 2, 2017

Sunday Focus: A Coal Ash Victory, 330 Miles To The East.

Coal Ash is loaded onto rail cars in Tenn., headed for Alabama.

     The coal ash trains did not only ride the rails to West Alabama. A company connected to none other than Bill Gates planned to dump even more coal ash in another poor area---in Jessup Georgia, Rail lines were even built for that specific purpose!

     In 2008 the earthen walls of a coal ash containment pond broke, spreading what's left after power plants burned coal, over land near the Kingston TVA plant in Tennessee. Eventually all of that coal ash was transported by train to poor Perry County a huge dump in Uniontown.
The cleanup in Tennessee.

     The little newspaper that covers Jessup is The Press-Sentinel...a twice-a-week newspaper that embraced the coal ash threat and through tough reporting and even tougher editorials, managed to end it.

There's a great story HERE at a website called "Inside Climate News" about the battle won in Georgia. There was no such victory in Alabama.

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