Sep 19, 2017

Robert E. Lee Church (NOT)

The Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper reports a church named for Robert E. Lee is being renamed, even though he once led it:

"Grace Episcopal was struggling after the (civil)war. Lee joined and was elected senior warden, serving in the position for five years until his death in 1870. He is remembered for restoring stability at a difficult time for the congregation. The vestry voted to change the church’s name to R.E. Lee Memorial in 1903." 

The newspaper report the decision has been divisive, and some members have left the Virginia church because of it.

[Thanks to D.C. Area correspondent Jay Croft for raising the flag, so to speak, about this story!]

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Jay Croft said...

Thanks for the credit, Tim.

It is extremely rare for an Episcopal church to be named after a person of recent historical importance. There are probably just a handful in the entire Episcopal Church.

I'm very glad that the change was made back to the church's original name.