Sep 2, 2017

Saturday Focus: Cerus Blooms

     OK, I admit it. I am just a bit obsessed with the night blooming cerus plant.
     I've given folks clippings from mine, which I got from my brother decades ago. 
     He got it from some actress living up in Putnam County, New York, in the 1970's.
     Here is the first bloom of this year, though there are three others that will follow tomorrow or Sunday night. For a change, fortune is with me because I now work an evening anchoring shift on weekends, and that gets me home just in time to see the full blooms. The bloom forms over a five day period and then starts opening late at night. 

At sunrise it dies. 

    What a perfect metaphor for so many things in life!
    Anyway, here are some shots of the first bloom, tonight, September 1st, 2017. I wish I could transmit the beautiful aroma through this website!


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