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Jan 23, 2018

Media Extra* -- Does More Media = More Understanding?

No, finds a new Gallup study:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- As the information available to news consumers has expanded greatly in recent decades, Americans believe the media landscape is becoming harder to navigate. They say the increase in the information available today makes it harder (58%), rather than easier (38%), to be well-informed because people have to sort through lots of information to determine what is true or important.

The Full Story is HERE


Also: Stereotypical for a public broadcaster, Minnesota Public Radio has posted a lengthy story expanding on the dismissal of Garrison Keillor. The on-air story lasts almost 24 minutes and details multiple incidents of alleged misbehavior by the longtime broadcaster.

"An investigation by MPR News, however, has learned of a years-long pattern of behavior that left several women who worked for Keillor feeling mistreated, sexualized or belittled. None of those incidents figure in the "inappropriate behavior" cited by MPR when it severed business ties." 

"The revelations create a portrait of Keillor more complicated than that of the folksy, avuncular storyteller whose brand of humor appealed to millions of listeners. They suggest a star who seemed heedless of the power imbalance that gave him an advantage in his relationships with younger women. They also raise questions about whether the company knew enough — or should have known enough — to stop the behavior of the personality who drove much of its success". 

[*News Extra is a posting about media outside of the regular Monday Morning Media Memo posts]

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