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Jan 28, 2018

Sunday Focus: A New Star! + A Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

One of the new private rocket companies---Rocket Lab--- launched this disco-ball appearing satellite into space and it is now orbiting the Earth. As the Washington Post reports, not everybody is happy about it. They call it space graffiti.

"....the giant Dungeons & Dragons die floating through space is not a critical hit. Not among professional stargazers. On Thursday, Mashable journalist Miriam Kramer collected criticisms from astronomers on Twitter. The scientists described the Humanity Star as vandalism, a disco ball, “space graffiti” and “space garbage.” Naked eyes can already see the International Space Station, astronomer Eric Mamajek tweeted, and sending reflective objects into orbit has not, in the past, prompted “awe and world peace.”

     I checked the Rocket Lab program that let you track when you will be able to see it in the sky and it thousands of hours away from being visible here in Montgomery.  

     Meanwhile.... there's that once in a blue/red  moon eclipse on the last day of the month. 

     NASA has a fact filled page you can consult, but it appears the eclipse will be visible only on the West Coast and Hawaii.

In the rest of the country it will still be super and red and blue (as in rare)...but without the eclipse. Happy big moon! 

[Sunday Focus is a regular longtime feature of, now it its 11th year online.]

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