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Jan 21, 2018

Sunday Focus: Quilts

     Real Alabamians love 'em, because they are part of their family history and because of those wonderful women in Gees Bend who have brought soft and friendly attention to a state that is sometimes better at attracting the media for less genteel pastimes.
     It turns out that filmmaker Ken Burns is a quilt collector. I do not know if he owns a Gees Bend quilt, though it seems likely. 
    A sample of his collection is now on display at The International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln Nebraska. The exhibit opened last Thursday.

      I do not own a quilt. But one of my favorite ties came from the gift shop at a museum in Houston and it is "based on a quilt" from Gees Bend. 
    I'm going to wear that tie Sunday night in the Alabama News Network on CBS 8 or ABC Montgomery. 5:30 and 10:00 PM. Yes, that is a touch cheesy but what the heck.
    The N.Y. Times wrote an article about the Nebraska exhibit today. (There is a pay wall, but a limited number of articles are free per month.) 

[Sunday Focus is a longstanding feature of this website, now it its 11th year online.]


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