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May 9, 2018

The Doctor Honored. Maybe Not So Much.

Dr. Marion James Sims has a statue in his honor on the Alabama Capitol Building Grounds. Today protestors called for it to be removed.

      The statue was place by the Medical Association of Alabama in 1937 to honor his work as the "Father of Gynecology". 
     The MAA is a 7,000 strong doctor's group.
     Sims honor came despite the fact that he operated on enslaved black women without anesthesia because he believed black women didn't feel pain the same as white women. 


One of the protestors at today's event was arrested on Confederate Memorial Day last month for spreading ketchup on the statue to represent the blood shed. His trial is set for the Fall.
Another statue of Sims in New York City's Central Park was moved to the NYC cemetery in which he is buried earlier this year.

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