May 10, 2012

About Those Charter Schools

     GOP legislation to allow Charter Schools failed to get out of committee in the Alabama House, killing the measure for the session. One supporter says he'll be back again next year, and that sometimes efforts like it don't work the first time out.
     But this is hardly the first time out...and the GOP has a super veto-proof majority in both houses and a Republican Governor too!
    At least as early as the Alabama Republican Gubernatorial runoff between Fob James and Winton Blount in 1998, Charter Schools have been an issue
     Blount advocated them, but lost to James.
    The inability to approve even the watered-down Charter School legislation speaks to the division between the Governor and the Legislature, and brings into question how unified Republicans in the state are.
[UPDATE: Governor Bentley says he is disappointed in lawmakers not approving his legislation.] 

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