Jul 13, 2024

Still to come this afternoon...


A reception for this year's Regions Art Exhibit is coming up at 5:30 today at Stonehenge Gallery in Montgomery.



SACS Student gallery art

Went by the SACS gallery in Montgomery and looked at some of the great student art on display this afternoon!

SACS Facebook page is HERE.

Project 2025 in a nutshell

 From The Washington Post:

"This isn’t coming directly from the Trump campaign. But it should be taken seriously because of the people who wrote it, analysts say. The main organization behind the plan, the Heritage Foundation, is a revolving door for Trump officials (and Heritage is a sponsor of the Republican National Convention, which will hand him the nomination next week)."

FULL story is HERE.

Two Art Events TODAY!

 Picture2024 High School Student Photo Exhibit



There will be a reception for the 6th annual Montgomery Photo Festival will be held on Saturday July 13th at 5:30 in Stonehenge Gallery.  

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The opening reception for the high school student photo exhibit will be held at the Society of Arts & Crafts gallery Saturday, July 13, 2024 from 2-4 p.m. The gallery is located at 529 South Perry Street in Montgomery.


Jul 11, 2024

Is Air Conditioning Against God?

How Many Watts Does a Window AC Use? Is it worth it? - Anker US

The Smithsonian has posted an article asking---and answering that question.

The Smithsonian’s Peter Liebhold says efforts to control one’s environment also raised moral questions.

“There was this notion that trying to control the environment was going against God’s will,” says Liebhold, a curator in the division of work and industry at the National Museum of American History.

SEE the entire article HERE

Motor Trend also has a story about the history of AC for automobiles HERE.

(So much for God's will! Are there ANY churches here in the deep south without any AC?)

Should we give it up, suffer the Summer heat, to satisfy the creator?

FYI: The Alabama Theater was the first in Alabama to offer air-conditioning! (Paramount built the 2,000-seat movie theater on Third Avenue North in 1927 as Alabama's first air-conditioned public building. In 1935, its Mickey Mouse Club chapter was the world's largest.)

More Rainy Than Normal in Montgomery?


Oh yea...how about this stat: Almost 8 inches more!

RAIN UPDATE: Here are rain totals for the year so far, and the departure from average:

  • Mobile 36.64 (+0.95)
  • Montgomery 36.25 (+7.88)
  • Huntsville 33.70 (+2.98)
  • Muscle Shoals 33.52 (+2.77)
  • Anniston 30.47 (+0.50)
  • Tuscaloosa 29.98 (-0.05)
  • Dothan 29.75 (+0.69)
  • Birmingham 27.05 (-5.14)

NY Times: Trump Not Fit

 Read the editorial about Trump's lack of fitness to serve HERE.

Jul 10, 2024

Soon At The Capri


Upcoming Screenings:

July 18 - Big Fish

July 25 - My Cousin Vinny



I picked these two because a) BIG FISH was largely shot in and near Montgomery. 


and b) My Cousin Vinny is a very funny flick. 😁 



Counting Down


HERE is a second by second countdown till Jimmy Carter's 100th birthday on October 1st.

Alabama: It costs a lot less to live here!

 Things to like about Alabama!





Here’s a look at the 15 U.S. states with the lowest cost of living, based on how much a single person needs to cover basic costs:

  1. West Virginia: $39,386
  2. Arkansas: $39,724
  3. Oklahoma: $40,211
  4. North Dakota: $40,262
  5. Kentucky: $40,355
  6. Ohio: $40,359
  7. South Dakota: $40,718
  8. Louisiana: $41,233
  9. Mississippi: $41,361
  10. Iowa: $41,678
  11. New Mexico: $41,807
  12. Nebraska: $41,849
  13. Alabama: $41,911
  14. Missouri: $42,024
  15. Wisconsin: $42,062

Jul 9, 2024

The Day The Music (TALK!) died in Birmingham.

 There photos show the 2nd Avenue North building in Birmingham that was home to WERC Radio for many years being destroyed.

We're Dead Last.....

 ....on the list of ten worst states. (According to www.msn.com)

10. Alabama: No Infrastructure, No Culture©Editorial credit: Allard One / Shutterstock.com

Alabama doesn’t impress this American who believes it’s the worst state to visit due to poor infrastructure, lack of culture, and tourist attractions. Additionally, the state’s roads and transportation systems need improvement, further solidifying this user’s opinion to skip Alabama altogether.

From a NY Times story


Trevor Jung (one of the Democratic Party delegates) ...is the transit director for Racine, Wis. — said he had been involved in politics since he was 12, when his single father used to drop him off at the local Democratic headquarters. Having been a first-time delegate in 2020, Mr. Jung cannot fathom a ticket without Mr. Biden at the top and is unsure what he would do in the event of an open convention.

“I have not given it much thought, and it’s in part because I think President Biden will be our nominee,” he said. “President Biden had a bad night, and Donald Trump had a bad presidency.”

Full story is HERE.

Jul 7, 2024

I need to shower.

 I just watched a couple of "power Slap" videos.

You can too, HERE

I'm with the medical Doctor who says....

“This is not a sport, OK? This is an event,” said Dr. Gregory O’Shanick, medical director at the Brain Injury Association of America. “A sport is a contest of athleticism or skill. This is merely your physiological ability to withstand blunt-force trauma to the head. It’s like seeing how many times somebody can run into a brick wall.”

(and I was so naive that I wouldn't watch boxing!)

Jul 4, 2024

"Dr." Tommy Tuberville's Trump-like comment


Alabama’s senior senator claimed, without evidence, that Biden is suffering from dementia. He did not explain what he based the diagnosis on.

“People need to understand – including the Democrats – our country and this world is on life support, and we got a dementia-ridden leader – supposed leader – in President Biden running this country,” Tuberville said.

“But he’s not running it, he’s got people around him running it,” he said. “We’re in tough shape.”

(Source: FOX news via AL.COM)

How Many States are MORE Patriotic Than Alabama?


 42 States are MORE patriotic??????

How is that even possible?


WalletHub has cranked out a ranking, and Alabama is listed as #43rd most patriotic.

Blue States vs. Red States

blue vs red image patriotic

 Here's the entire item at wallethub.com

Gettysburg Gift Shop

The confederate flags were removed from the Alabama capital monument years ago.


"For just $29, you can get your own Gettysburg Cannon Snow Globe, complete with a Confederate flag mounted alongside the Union one in the center. It would be a scandal and an outrage if, at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York, you could purchase a snow globe with an Al Qaeda flag. It shouldn’t be OK for Confederate paraphernalia.

The quantity of Confederate imagery at Gettysburg is a testament to the enduring power of Lost Cause ideology — the revisionist, pseudohistorical thesis dreamed up by defeated Southerners who maintained that the Civil War was not primarily about slavery and that the antebellum South was unfairly maligned by opportunistic Northerners."

Read the full NY Times op-ed piece HERE.

Jul 2, 2024

Read His Bio, Then Guess his Biden Critique


 Phil Williams is a former state senator from District 10 (which includes Etowah County), retired Army colonel and combat veteran, and a practicing attorney. He previously served with the leadership of the Alabama Policy Institute in Birmingham. He currently hosts the conservative news/talk show Rightside Radio on multiple channels throughout north Alabama. The opinions expressed are his own.

And his column? I know you'll be shocked to read he is critical of Biden. His conclusion?

 "Biden’s job was just to show up and not drool on himself. He failed."

Now that I've spoiled the surprise, if your want, read the rest here. in The Advertiser.


 Montgomery police advise that it is illegal for individuals “to possess, store, offer for sale, sell at retail, use or explode any fireworks within the City of Montgomery.” Citizens found in violation of the fireworks ordinance could face fines of up to $500.


 A N.Y. Times article on the benefits of watermellon quotes a University of Alabama professor:

Qualities That Make Watermelon a Summer Fruit - News18

"Older people, in particular, may find it easier and more enjoyable to get some of their fluids through fruit, said Amy Ellis, a dietitian and associate professor of nutrition at the University of Alabama. They tend to feel less thirsty and therefore drink less — one of the reasons they’re at a higher risk for dehydration and heat-related illness during a heat wave."


FULL story is HERE.

Jul 1, 2024

It's Getting drier...closer to drought conditions...in Alabama



Throughout most of the Southeast, rainfall has been largely lacking over the past 3 to 4 weeks. Additionally, much of the region has experienced several heat waves over the past month, resulting in rapidly deteriorating conditions leading up to and including last week. Soil moisture, stream flows, and several derived drought indices are worsening by the day. Impacts are widespread, particularly in the agricultural sector, as pastures and rangelands are going dormant or turning brown, increasing livestock concerns as well. Several reports that crop yields are also in danger if the region doesn’t get any meaningful rainfall soon. High evapotranspiration (i.e. the evaporation of moisture from land and vegetation) rates are rapidly drying out soils and vegetation, increasing fire concerns.

Drought Monitor for AL

Jun 30, 2024

The Times/Eric Lee

From Columnist Eric Lee/The New York Times

"Those who stormed the Capitol (whom Trump still refers to as “political prisoners” and promises to pardon if elected) should of course be punished. But whatever happens to them, the man most responsible for the events of that day stands on the cusp of being elected to the White House once again.

That’s why the real blame here lies not with the prosecutors or even the court; it lies with the Senate Republicans who refused to hold Trump to account in the weeks after Jan. 6. Had they voted to convict him following his impeachment, he would not now be eligible to run for president. No federal law, however well written, can make up for political cowardice like that."

From a Sunday N.Y. Times column

 Marjorie Taylor Greene Becomes Meme Of The Night For All The Wrong Reasons

 At the Lincoln Project, we found that one of the most effective weapons against MAGA was asking voters, “Is this who you are?” Hold up a picture of Marjorie Taylor Greene, red-faced and screaming. Is this how you see yourself? Do you want to be the guy in the “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt storming the Capitol? Do you want your kids to think that being found liable for sexual abuse and being a felon are presidential qualities?