Aug 8, 2022

Alabama Dog Names

Her name was Brandy, my first dog.


 The BY FAR most popular name for dogs in America is now "LUNA"!

It is the most popular in 35 states, but NOT in Alabama, where the top three are Bella, Max, and Cooper

Here's the full list from the BARK dog toy company:

Below are the top 100 names from the BARK data.

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Max
  4. Cooper
  5. Daisy
  6. Charlie
  7. Loki
  8. Lucy
  9. Nala
  10. Koda
  11. Sadie
  12. Bear
  13. Milo
  14. Stella
  15. Bailey
  16. Jax
  17. Rocky
  18. Tucker
  19. Lola
  20. Nova
  21. Zeus
  22. Duke
  23. Zoey
  24. Willow
  25. Buddy
  26. Penny
  27. Piper
  28. Finn
  29. Apollo
  30. Molly
  31. Ellie
  32. Riley
  33. Maggie
  34. Harley
  35. Diesel
  36. Rosie
  37. Blue
  38. Leo
  39. Ollie
  40. Moose
  41. Lily
  42. Oakley
  43. Ruby
  44. Ace
  45. Coco
  46. Jack
  47. Scout
  48. Oliver
  49. Thor
  50. Murphy
  51. Mia
  52. Bentley
  53. Shadow
  54. Millie
  55. Kona
  56. Sophie
  57. Winston
  58. Hank
  59. Gunner
  60. Bandit
  61. Bruno
  62. Pepper
  63. Odin
  64. Toby
  65. Remi
  66. Hazel
  67. Gus
  68. Athena
  69. Beau
  70. Chloe
  71. Winnie
  72. Rex
  73. Dixie
  74. Teddy
  75. Louie
  76. Maya
  77. Layla
  78. Tank
  79. Sasha
  80. Jasper
  81. Archie
  82. Roxy
  83. Honey
  84. Ruger
  85. Maverick
  86. Ranger
  87. Dexter
  88. Olive
  89. River
  90. Marley
  91. Cash
  92. Zeus 
  93. Lady
  94. Remy
  95. Izzy
  96. Leia
  97. Axel
  98. Gracie
  99. Bailey
  100. Atlas

Who Knew?

 I was in 'Nam when this photo was taken, with the Australian city of Melbourne sign above my head.

That's where my nephew and his family live now. He was busy being born about the time the photo was taken. Small world indeed!


Photo Exhibits Opening This Week


Folks associated with "The 9" photo group, including me, worked to get photos ready for the upcoming exhibits on Saturday.

AL.COM Headline Bias?


Jennifer Coolidge, Stifler’s mom, admits sleeping with 200 people after American Pie

Illegal Lines? Use 'em anyway.


As The New York Times reports this morning:

WASHINGTON — Since January, judges in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Ohio have found that Republican legislators illegally drew those states’ congressional maps along racial or partisan lines, or that a trial very likely would conclude that they did. In years past, judges who have reached similar findings have ordered new maps, or had an expert draw them, to ensure that coming elections were fair.

But a shift in election law philosophy at the Supreme Court, combined with a new aggressiveness among Republicans who drew the maps, has upended that model for the elections in November. This time, all four states are using the rejected maps, and questions about their legality for future elections will be hashed out in court later.

First Bloom of 2022

 I've posted a couple of photos of the first 2022 bloom on one of my oldest Night Blooming Cereus plants.

See it at!.

Aug 5, 2022

Advertiser Owner Gannett Reports Income Disaster


Poyter has the story: "Gannett reports disastrous financial results; layoffs are coming Digital subscriptions are up, but, as expenses rise, other revenue streams are in a freefall."

Aug 3, 2022

Zero Talent


Kansas. Et Tu Alabama?




                                      We Dare Defend Our Rights

(AGAIN!) Thank God for Mississippi


 Here are the bottom five states on healthcare cost, access and outcomes combined:





1. Mississippi 

2. Alabama

3. Louisiana

4. Oklahoma

5. Arkansas 

And the best?

Here are the five states with the highest overall ranking across cost, access and outcomes, according to the analysis: 

1. Rhode Island

2. Massachusetts

3. Hawaii

4. Minnesota

5. Maryland

Jul 31, 2022

Reminder: Montgomery Photo Festival Opening on 8-13-22!!!


Folks associated with "The 9" photo group, including me, worked to get photos ready for the upcoming exhibits on Saturday.

Jul 30, 2022

Eviction in Montgomery

 The Capital City has the highest eviction rate in the state....above the other larger cities in Alabama.

 PBS is offering a special report on the process and results of being evicted.

Watch it HERE.

F-35 "Stand-down"


     As the date for the arrival of F-35 fighter jets for the Alabama Air National Guard approaches, the Air Force has grounded all of the planes over an issue with their ejection seats.

     The Air Force Times is among those reporting the decision:

"The U.S. military discovered a problem with the ejection seats used across its F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet in April, but waited three months to ground those aircraft flown by the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps to fully investigate the issue, multiple sources told Air Force Times Friday.

Officials initially saw the problem as a potentially isolated incident. But an ongoing investigation sourced the issue to the production line, prompting waves of temporary stand-downs this week."


A squadron of F35's is due to arrive in Montgomery in 2023 as part of the Air National Guard force here.

Jul 27, 2022

2022 Hospital ratings.


Here are the Alabama hospitals that received a five-star rating from CMS as listed on the Hospital Compare website


Lakeland Community Hospital (Haleyville)

Prattville Baptist Hospital

Russell Medical Center (Alexander City)


For each hospital, a hospital summary score is calculated by taking the weighted average of the hospital’s scores for each measure group. The table below shows the weight applied to each measure group. The hospital summary score is then used to assign hospitals to star ratings, using k-means clustering within each peer group.

Measure group Weight used in calculation
Mortality 22%
Safety 22%
Readmission 22%
Patient Experience 22%
Timely & Effective Care 12%

 HERE are the ratings for the other states.

Hyundai Fined $19-Million

CFPB Orders Hyundai to Pay $19 Million for Widespread Credit Reporting Failures

Company Furnished Inaccurate Account Information to Credit Reporting Companies, Including Wrongly Reporting that Consumers were Delinquent on Loans or Leases

Jul 26, 2022

Washington Post: Alabama Reconsidering Prayer in School


The newspaper includes the following in a story about the U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing a coach to pray on the football field....

"...families, teachers and activists are preparing to push religious worship into public schools nationwide — working to blur the line dividing prayer and pedagogy and promising emotional, spiritual and educational benefits for students. Some school officials are listening: In at least three states, Illinois, Alabama and Oregon, school personnel have said they are reviewing their policies on employee prayer."

Jul 25, 2022

Old Can Be Beautiful!


THE 90S CLUB • SUNDAY, JULY 31 @ 1:00

Sponsored by AARP of Alabama. Post show Q&A with films editor, Brandon Vestal.

The 90s Club hands the mic to 12 charming people in their nineties to prove that empathizing and listening to seniors is not just socially responsible, but hearing their voices can be inspiring, enriching, funny, and compelling. A paradox of old age is that older people have a greater sense of well-being than younger ones – not because they’re unreservedly blissful, but because they accept the happiness and sadness in their lives, and leverage this mixture when life serves up challenges. Much less time is spent on anger, stress, and worry.

 This documentary features a dozen diverse individuals (Dick Van Dyke, a Cleveland man who survived three concentration camps during the Holocaust, a still practicing attorney from Montgomery, AL, Fred Gray, who represented Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and recently received the Medal of Freedom, a 99-year-old woman who taught in a one room school house and the world’s oldest performing drag queen, among others) who candidly talk about death and loss, but also about love and connection, about accomplishment and meaning. Through their touching, sometimes humorous, and reflective stories, we begin to gain some insight as to how one can become so wise through life experience.

Updated: The Moon Tree

The Alabama Capitol building "Moon Tree".

Take the path at the bottom of the last flight of stairs leading up to the building, heading left. It will be on your left side!

There are four of the trees in the state.

NASA has the full Moon Tree story HERE.


 Graphic of U.S. Map with Multiple Points - "Where are the Moon Trees?"

Comparing Apples & Oranges....

 AL.COM headline for their "story":

25 things you can buy at Buc-ee’s that cost less than a gallon of gas


What's the relevance? 

Should we put banana pudding in the tank? Drive bags of ice to work? Serve our kids candy corn for breakfast?