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Jun 16, 2021

Hyundai in Montgomery Joins The Marvel Universe



FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., June 16, 2021 – Hyundai and Marvel Studios have come together to launch the next big phase of Hyundai’s “Question Everything” marketing blitz. This first-ever co-branded creative campaign introduces the all-new 2022 Tucson in exciting new spots featuring Marvel characters from four different Disney+ series. The custom creative developed and produced by Marvel Studios brings adventure, mischief and magic to the Hyundai campaign by asking thought-provoking questions within the worlds of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki, WandaVision and What If…?.

“The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captivated audiences and it’s an incredible opportunity to utilize their characters and storylines with custom creative for the all-new Tucson,” said Angela Zepeda, CMO, Hyundai Motor America. “This promotional partnership elevates our biggest launch campaign ever which showcases how we questioned every detail and assumption when developing the 2022 Tucson—resulting in our most innovative and technologically advanced vehicle to date.”


The 2022 Tucson will be made at the Montgomery plant...the first time that model has been manufactured in the U.S. 


Jun 15, 2021

Juneteenth in Alabama


"The U.S. Senate unanimously passed an approval Tuesday that would make June 19, also known as “Juneteenth,” “Freedom Day,” and “Emancipation Day,” the 11th federal holiday.

The day commemorates when the slaves in Galveston, TX, were read the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order issued by President Abraham Lincoln on Sep. 22, 1862, banning slavery in Confederate states."


Here's what I suggest Alabama should do:

Eliminate one of the confederate holidays and replace the day with the new Federal holiday.

You heard it here first. 

What A Difference The Width of a Street Can Make


Streets in the U.S. are mostly wider than those in other countries.

But a story in a Harvard publication argues for narrower streets as a way of improving neighborhoods by making more housing available:

 “The point is that desolate asphalt is doing nobody any good* — not the city, not property owners, not anyone. Cities are often keen to widen the right of way with new developments. Say you want to develop a new apartment building. Often, the city will say, ‘Sure, but you have to give up some land so we can add a turn lane, or widen the sidewalk.’ If cities can widen the right of way, why can’t they narrow it in exchange for improvements that will benefit the public?”

But why is a narrower street better?

“One of the best ways to alleviate the housing crisis is to build more housing,” he says. “To the extent that narrower streets allow developers to build more housing, that will address the No. 1 issue with housing right now.”

This argument is somewhat obscure,  but give the story a read and you may find yourself spending more time looking at that sea of asphalt and wondering how it could be better used. 😀

[* I'm confident there are many asphalt companies that would disagree!]


UPDATE: Vote Is In)......No Vote Yet: Awaiting a New Baptist Convention President


 "A third candidate, Alabama pastor Ed Litton, was among an ethnically and racially diverse group of Southern Baptists who signed a statement asserting that systemic injustice is real. He is supported by Fred Luter, the only Black pastor ever to be denomination president."


HERE is the full story


They've elected Ed Litton!

Jun 14, 2021

This Sunday on CBS TV: "Selma"

Watch the move Sunday night at 7:00PM on CBS 8 in Montgomery.


Critically Acclaimed Historic Film from Paramount Pictures Airs the Weekend of Juneteenth

The broadcast premiere of Ava DuVernay's historic Academy Award(R)-nominated film SELMA, from Paramount Pictures, will be broadcast the weekend of Juneteenth as the "CBS Sunday Night Movie," June 20 (8:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

SELMA, from director Ava DuVernay and starring David Oyelowo as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., chronicles the tumultuous three-month period in 1965 when revered leader and visionary Dr. King led thousands of nonviolent demonstrators on a campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of brutal opposition. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Lyndon B. Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement. SELMA, which was released in 2014, also stars Cuba Gooding Jr. (lawyer and activist Fred Gray), Alessandro Nivola (John Doar, the Justice Department's Assistant Attorney General of the Civil Rights Division), Giovanni Ribisi (presidential advisor Lee White), Common (civil rights leader James Bevel), Carmen Ejogo (Coretta Scott King), Lorraine Toussaint (Amelia Boynton, one of the pivotal march organizers), with Tim Roth (Governor George Wallace) and Oprah Winfrey as civil rights legend Annie Lee Cooper.

"It's an honor for CBS to present the broadcast debut of Ava DuVernay's powerful, important and celebrated film SELMA, which was distributed by our colleagues at Paramount Pictures," said Noriko Kelley, Executive Vice President, Program Planning & Scheduling, CBS Entertainment. "Television has the unique ability to deliver collective, unifying experiences for the audience, and we hope our broadcast of this compelling and historic drama will inspire discussion among our viewers during Juneteenth weekend and beyond."

"I'm proud that America's most watched network is making Ava DuVernay's masterful and poignant film SELMA available for all to see," said Tiffany Smith-Anoa'i, Executive Vice President, Entertainment Diversity and Inclusion, West Coast, ViacomCBS. "It's a work of art and a timeless reminder of the hard-won accomplishments of the civil rights movement and the importance of social justice to this day."

The film, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture and won the Oscar(R) for Best Original Song for John Legend and Common's powerful tribute "Glory," was produced by Christian Colson, Oprah Winfrey, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner and was written by Paul Webb.

The "CBS Sunday Night Movies" franchise returned last spring (2020) with six classic films from the Paramount Pictures library, resumed in the fall with six more, and is debuting in 2021with GLADIATOR on May 30 (Memorial Day Weekend). Prior to these broadcasts, "CBS Sunday Night Movies" were last featured on the Network schedule in 2006.

The CBS Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, creates and distributes industry-leading content across a variety of platforms to audiences around the world. The Company has businesses with origins that date back to the dawn of the broadcasting age as well as new ventures that operate on the leading edge of media. It includes some of the industry's most successful and popular brands and businesses: CBS Television Network, CBS News and Stations, CBS Sports, CBS Studios, CBS Media Ventures and CBS digital properties.

Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC; VIACA), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. Paramount controls a collection of some of the most powerful brands in filmed entertainment, including Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Television Studios, and Paramount Players. PPC operations also include Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Licensing Inc., and Paramount Studio Group.

The Huntsville-managed SLS in one piece!





The "core" stage of the SLS is fitted between two other smaller stages.

Together they measure 212 feet tall, larger than the Statue of Liberty (off its pedestal).

 It happened on Friday, setting up the first (without anyone aboard) test flight later this year.







The Huntsville (Alabama) Operations Support Center has been a critical part of the entire development and building of the rocket that will return astronauts to the Moon and beyond.


 (Photo credit for all three images: NASA)

 The cost of the rocket so far?  

$18.6 billion.


Jun 13, 2021

 I'll be continuing my fill-in work on Alabama News Rising this week with Ryan Stinnett on weather, Kay McKabe sharing the news duties, Jerry Howell on traffic duty and Adam Solomon on sports! Join us 4:30 - 7:00AM on CBS 8 or ABC 32 in Montgomery. 

You can also watch online from just about anywhere at


 From Becker's Health Care:

"The No Surprises Act isn't slated to go into effect until 2022, and millions of Americans will be vulnerable to surprise medical bills in the meantime.

The No Surprises Act, a measure to end surprise medical bills for emergency and scheduled care, was passed in December when then-President Donald Trump signed a $1.4 trillion year-end spending bill into law. 

Currently, 18 states offer comprehensive protections against surprise billing, and 15 states offer partial protections, according to the Commonwealth Fund."


ALABAMA is not one of them. 

Don't get sick!

See the full list HERE.


CDC Health Warning for Alabama + A Dozen Other States

 "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is issuing this health advisory to notify clinicians and caregivers about increased interseasonal respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) activity across parts of the Southern United States" (including Alabama).

"RSV is an RNA virus of the genus Orthopneumovirus, family Pneumoviridae, primarily spread via respiratory droplets when a person coughs or sneezes, and through direct contact with a contaminated surface

Infants, young children, and older adults with chronic medical conditions are at risk of severe disease from RSV infection. Each year in the United States, RSV leads to on average approximately 58,000 hospitalizations1 with 100-500 deaths among children younger than 5 years old2 and 177,000 hospitalizations with 14,000 deaths among adults aged 65 years or older"

A Baptist Schism? Alabama Pastor is a player.

 From a New York Times article about the contentious Southern Baptist Convention meeting that begins next week in Nashville:

"The most high-profile vote at the meeting will be the election of a new president, a race whose leading candidates are Mike Stone, a Georgia pastor who is the favorite of many conservatives, including Mr. Nelson and Mr. Jolly; Ed Litton* an Alabama pastor who has largely avoided culture war battles and has the support of the denomination’s first Black president; and Albert Mohler Jr., a lion of the denomination who helped usher in a conservative revolution decades ago and is now in the awkward position of being labeled a moderate “compromise candidate.” Mr. Stone, a onetime underdog, is considered a serious contender.

No matter which side emerges triumphant from the meeting next week, a schism looms."


*I added this link to the Times story.

Arrest in East Alabama/Georgia shootings

 CNN report:

"Police believe the shootings began across the Chattahoochee River in neighboring Phenix City, Alabama, where a person was shot multiple times outside a hotel at about 8:15 p.m. (9:15 p.m. ET) Friday night, according to Blackmon.
Two hours later, three people were shot outside a downtown Columbus restaurant, police said. On Saturday, shortly after 2 p.m., another person was shot about eight blocks away from the earlier downtown shooting."


My Mom passed 20 years ago today. RIP!


          Mom & I in the Bronx, about 1960.

Popular Constitutional Adjustments for Alabama Constitution


  Every now and then people in Alabama mount an effort to make several changes to the state constitution. Those include Initiative, Referendum and Recall.

     They never go anywhere because the changes would make the legislature less powerful, and the Legislature has to approve them.

     But you might be interested to know that there is a constitution in Alabama that does allow those powers. The Constitution of the Poarch Creek Indians:

  • Section 1. - Initiative
  • Upon receipt and verification by the Election Board of a petition of at least thirty (30) percent of the General Council of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians a proposed ordinance or resolution made by the people shall be submitted for a vote by the General Council at a regular or special election to be held within sixty (60) days of verification of the petition by the Election Board. The vote of a majority of those actually voting shall be conclusive and binding upon the Tribal Council.

  • Section 2. - Referendum
  • Upon the request of two thirds of the total membership of the Tribal Council, any proposed or previously enacted ordinance or resolution of the Tribal Council shall be submitted for a vote by the General Council at a regular or special election to be held within sixty (60) days of the vote by the Tribal Council. The vote by a majority of at least thirty (30) percent of the General Council shall be conclusive and binding upon the Tribal Council.

  • Section 3. - Recall
  • Upon receipt and verification by the Election Board of a petition of at least thirty (30) percent of the General Council of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, it shall be the duty of the Election Board to call a special election to consider the recall of the elected tribal official named in the petition. The election shall be held within sixty (60) days of receipt of the petition by the Election Board, provided that if the petition is received less than six (6) months prior to the annual election, the Election Board may direct that the matter be placed on the ballot of that election. If a majority of those actually voting favor the recall of the official, the office shall be declared vacant and filled in accordance with Article VII, Section 4 of this Constitution. If the recall fails, that officer cannot be recalled again for twelve (12) months. 



         So there. Native Americans in Alabama have some freedoms not granted to non-Native American residents.

          Also, the tribe does not pay any taxes. That could change if Alabama elected officials agreed to a compact agreement with the tribe that could, in return, allow the tribe to offer a higher level of gambling at their casinos---like card games.  

Jun 12, 2021

Birmingham #3 in U.S. for Murders...Montgomery ranks #26



#1 Saint Louis

#2 Baltimore

#3 Birmingham

#21 Tuscaloosa

#26 Montgomery

CBS has the list of the top 65 U.S. cities HERE.


Judge dismisses famers of color loan forgiveness program.


" federal judge has halted a loan forgiveness program for farmers of color in response to a lawsuit alleging the program discriminates against White farmers.

U.S. District Judge William Griesbach in Milwaukee issued a temporary restraining order Thursday suspending the program for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The program pays up to 120% of direct or guaranteed farm loan balances for Black, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian American or Pacific Islander farmers. President Joe Biden's administration created the loan forgiveness program as part of its $1.9 trillion COVID-19 pandemic relief plan."

Source: CBS News story

The suit was filed by "The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty".

Which makes me wonder...where was that group during all of the decades during which it was black farmers getting the short end of the deal? 

Oh, they were only founded in 2011? I see.

Just FYI, HERE is a history of loan inequality by race.