Dec 7, 2023

Not to Forget Today's Pearl Harbor Anniversary

 A rescue boat picks up a crewman from the burning USS West Virginia.

125th Anniversary of the Montgomery Confederate Memorial

    Alabama's big confederate memorial on the state capitol building grounds was dedicated 125 years ago today... on December 7th in 1898---. 

   The cornerstone of the 88 foot tall memorial was dedicated by Jefferson Davis on April 29th, 1886.


     The confederate flags surrounding the memorial were removed, without notice, by Governor Robert Bentley, on June 24, 2015.

The brackets that used to hold the confederate flags are still in place.
                                         Just in case?????


   There was once a Confederate flag on top of  the Capitol Building. It was displayed for the first for some time in 1963 by Governor George Wallace, but it was removed by Governor Folsom during a major renovation of the building, on April 30th, 1993...shortly after he became Governor....and it was never returned.

Dec 6, 2023

Teens have finally caught up (or rather DOWN) with my math skills!

Improving Your ACT Math Timing – Moser "Mathematics...skills among teenagers are in an unprecedented decline across dozens of countries – and school closures during the pandemic are only partly to be blamed...."

 "Mathematics...skills among teenagers are in an unprecedented decline across dozens of countries – and school closures during the pandemic are only partly to be blamed...."

(full story HERE)


 Here's an example of difficult to follow writing (In The Washington Post no less!).

A panel of federal judges is considering whether to temporarily block a Montgomery County school district decision to disallow opt-outs for LGBTQ+ books.

So wait, if they disallow them, does that mean....they can NOT decide? Or they can not ban them? Or they just can't refuse to take part in....

Later in the story, they try to explain:

Tuesday’s proceedings in Richmond were focused on reversing a decision from a lower court that denied the parents an injunction so that they could opt out of the LGBTQ+ storybooks while the case continued.

I give up.

Capri Season Ender


This Week At
The Capri Theatre


(1946) Dir: Frank Capri Starring: James Stewart, Lionel Barrymore, Donna Reed 130mins DCP


Enjoy the Annual Christmas Classic even more by helping the homeless.

Sponsored by the Old Cloverdale Association.

The Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless is partnering with the Capri Theatre for the return of SOCKBALL FIGHT! Please bring a pair of clean, unused socks and join in our Sockball Fight before the show. All the socks will be collected by MACH and given to the homeless in the Montgomery area.

Online Ticket Sales
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Alabama Among 5 States with Lowest Life Expectancy


4. Alabama

Life Expectancy (2020): 73.2 years

Alabama ranks 4th on our list with a low life expectancy of 73.2 years according to the CDC. The leading causes of death in Alabama included heart disease, cancer, accidents, and Alzheimer’s in 2021.

(BTW--73.2 is almost exactly where I am now! Maybe I should start picketing against the Life Expectancy Data people?)

Century + Oldsters

 It is my imagination or has there been a string of well-known people who have died at the ages of 99-101?

The most recent is this morning, as reported by The New York Times:

Norman Lear, Whose Comedies Changed the Face of TV, Dies at 101

As the producer of “All in the Family” and many other shows, Mr. Lear demonstrated that it was possible to be topical, funny and immensely popular.

 See "All in the Family" Star Sally Struthers Now at 74 — Best Life

interfaith nativity exhibit


"interfaith" nativity Pike Road.

I've objected to the title of this event in previous years, and here it is again.

How can a christ-centered exhibit be "interfaith"????

Dec 5, 2023

About the GOP Debate in Alabama

 A late reply from Democratic students at the UA campus:

Tomorrow, we will hold a counter event from 6pm-9pm in ten Hoor 125 called We Dare Defend Our Rights. It will double both as an open bar style event where people can speak out and take action against the authoritarian actions of the Republican Party, and as a live analysis of the rights that each loser candidate on that stage wants to remove.

Here is a flyer for our counter event. Please let us know if you need anything else from us.

All the best,
Braden Vick, UACD Communications Director