Dec 5, 2012

M(W*)MMM # 251 --- Abandoning the Print Plant

     The Huntsville Times presses stopped printing The Times months the reporters and administrators for the paper are abandoning that 1955 facility too.They're headed to rented space in a downtown office building. The Times is being printed at the Birmingham News plant.
     That's similar to what The Montgomery Advertiser is doing..moving out of it's relatively new building and into rented space. The difference is that The Advertiser continues to publish a seven day a week far anyway.
      Will there be a similar move by The Press-Register in Mobile? They are also in a new building, and probably have much more space than the slimmed down schedule calls for, so perhaps.
The Birmingham News Building
     And The Birmingham News is also in a new building, but I suspect they'll stay put. Too much investment to abandon that expensive ship.

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