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Dec 8, 2012

Rural Alabama

     There was a time when the majority of Alabama's residents lived in rural areas, but no more. 55% of the state's population is in the cities.
     And now the Secretary of Agriculture in D.C. says rural power is lessening, as evidenced by the November election. 

[PLUS: Speaking of rural, Tuscaloosa Magazine reports on a UA program to train doctors to serve rural areas.]


Will Gilmer said...

I think rural America's eroding political influence is evidenced more by Congressional inaction on the Farm Bill and other pro-farm/rural development legislation than by the presidential election. In years past, we could get lawmakers from both parties to come together and construct bi-partisan policy that could pass through Congress regardless of what other issues they were battling each other on.

The current Farm bill was a real fight to get passed and implemented, and it doesn't look like the House is even going to bring the new Farm Bill proposal to the floor. Meanwhile, we farmers will keep on doing the best we can to feed America while hoping to make a good enough living to feed our own families. We obviously need to do a better job building relationships with our urban cousins so we can work together and apply whatever pressure is needed to get reasonable, sound farm policy in place.

Tim Lennox said...

Will is a prominent Alabama Dairy Farmer who was a guest one day on CBS-8 This Morning, and he posted the above at my request. Thanks Will!