Mar 12, 2013

M(T)MMM #367 Bring Back Snail Mail!

     The Harvard University Dean E-mail story is a reminder how little privacy there is in email sent from your company's email account, reports Forbes magazine.
All The President's Men
     The University is explaining how limited their search was...they say they asked each Dean first if they knew who was leaking confidential info.
     When nobody admitted it, they then looked at only the email "topic lines" for specific time periods., looking for a Dean who forwarded confidential emailed information.
     In that context, concludes the magazine, cut and paste material you want to leak to the media, instead of forwarding it.
     It's easy for an employer to look at your email.
     Not so a copy of a company document you drop in a U.S. Postal Service box outside. At least then they would need a court order.
     Then again, many copying machines have a memory of copied documents.
     Best go to the Deep Throat model. See you in the garage at 2:00am.

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