Apr 18, 2013

Hate, circa 1976

      When then Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley decided to reopen the investigation into the 16th street Baptist Church bombing in 1976, he got lots of reaction.
     To one of the white supremacist rants, he famously replied "kiss my ass".
     Now he's released some more of the letters he received.     
     Unfortunately, he has redacted the names and addresses of the writers. I think they should be highlighted, not redacted. Who was that writer from Wasilla, Alaska?
     Here's the story at Huffington Post.
    A side note: The AP quoted the station I worked for, WERC in Birmingham, in reporting Baxley's decision, back when there was local radio news. Thank you then News Director Bob Rowe.

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Charles Kinnaird said...

I think better of Bill Baxley after reading this. How is it that our state's gubernatorial politics wrecks so many candidates and only the worst rise to the top? Or maybe we've been looking upside down and getting the bottom of the barrel.