Dec 6, 2013

Aid to a stranger

   If you want to test the friendliness quotient of your town, park in a crowded store parking lot with your hood up and wait.

     That's what I did tonight at the Publix on Zelda in Montgomery...not by car was giving me trouble and after trying to jump it off, I was waiting for AAA's tow truck.
     At least a dozen people offered help...complete strangers....of all ages and races and circumstances. A young couple with several small kids...retired guys....all offering to jump off the car or do whatever they could to help.
     A friend of mine who moved to Alabama recently has observed several times that the people have been so friendly in Montgomery, in stores, on the street, everywhere. (And if the people offering me help tonight recognized me from TV, they didn't say so.)
    Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the inherent friendliness that seems to be bred into residents of this place called Alabama.
     The other happy ending to the story: The AAA driver quickly discovered the was a poor cable connection to the three day old battery, not what I guessed---the always expensive starter--- that caused the trouble.
     Thanks again to those who stopped by to help!


Jay Croft said...

Jump off the car? You wouldn't want them to do that, Tim. Someone might break a leg.

Jay Croft said...

Looking at the photo again--I'm wondering if your car was one of those in the picture.

Tim Lennox said...

Yes! To both! (-:

Gary James Bridge said...

Te he to your comments, Jay. Regarding the cars, I own 3 Antique vehicles that would come closer to fitting into that picture than Tim's. I own a 1964 Rambler, 1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue, & a 1987 Cadillac Coupe deVille (with 52,000 original miles)--all that look almost like they were just driven off the showroom floor. I hope you get to see them one day.