Jan 28, 2016

Auburn University, University of Alabama in Times story.

     The NY Times is out with a story today about the way 17 schools, including cross-state rivals Auburn and Alabama, use their student applications to ask but "brushes with the law".

The University of Alabama, where blacks make up 12 percent of the student body, asks prospective students if they are “subject to arrest” and poses the question: “Have you ever received a written or oral warning not to trespass on public or private property?”

     The story reports most of the colleges with the offending questions are in the South.


Jay Croft said...

Any person is subject to arrest. Speeding, spitting on the sidewalk, discarding a cigarette butt--all theoretically could land one in the hoosegow

Tim Lennox said...

Yes Jay.....some application reform is in order!