Jan 25, 2016

MMMM # 525 --- Writing advice: Know When To Stop.....and new eyes on The Atlantic.

Advice to News Writers
     Sometimes colorful details are not only unnecessary, but also insulting and disruptive.
     For example, this weekend story about three college students found dead in Upstate New York. The writer might have considered stopping at the word team in his description of one of those killed:

Matthew Hutchinson was a senior from North Vancouver, British Columbia, and a member of the hockey team. He played last night at home against Franklin Pierce. He had one assist. Geneseo won 6-2.


     I've read The Atlantic for a long time, but I seem to be drawn to their articles more often in recent months. 
     I have a friend whose Dad was a clock collector, and at least a clock tinkerer if not an absolute repairman. So this headline caught my eye perhaps more than the average reader...

Building an Impossible Clock

The 18th-century horologist John Harrison claimed that he could make the world's most accurate pendulum clock, but his methods were scorned for hundreds of years—until someone proved him right.

 .....and I found myself drawn into a story that I now recommend to you. Whatever The Atlantic is doing, I commend the folks behind it. No click bait. Just interesting, well written and presented stories. What a joy.


    Chris Rock is not among my favorite entertainers (come to think of it, I would much more likely choose a drama over a comedy anyway), but I think he is in a no-win situation as host of The Oscars this year. 
     Should he quit as host because of the uproar over a second year with no African-American acting award nominees? Or should he use his gig to stab the industry in the eye. I'm positive the Oscar folks have already decided what to do if he quits.
Washington Post columnist Lonnae O'Neal argues both sides HERE.  


And for the 59th time, Weather Channel: Let it go. Nobody is going to follow you in naming snow storms. Let. it. Go.


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