Feb 29, 2016

MMMM #529-- Trump & The KKK & Worst J-School professor ever is fired.?

     Former KKK leader (and elected state legislator) from Louisiana, David Duke, endorses Trump. And the NY Daily News makes it their page one explosive headline. Trump is asked about it on CNN, and isn't sure he will disavow the endorsement.

     Chris Christie also endorses Trump on Friday, leading to cracks about him wanting a cabinet position in a Trump Administration. Maybe Toll Bridge Czar? 


"Live from NPR News in Washington, I'm....."

     That's the slightly changed intro to NPR's hourly newscasts. Since we all knew it was live, why did they add that first word?
The explanation comes from...duh...NPR.


    Remember this lesson in Journalism 1st Amendment rights?

“Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here?” Melissa Click yells on camera. “I need some muscle over here.” .

     What some say is the World's worst journalism professor has been FIRED 

[UPDATE 2-19-16 TIME magazine photog gets into  a dispute at Trump Rally:

"Unlike other presidential campaigns, which generally allow reporters and photographers to move around at events, Trump has a strict policy requiring reporters and cameramen to stay inside a gated area, which the candidate often singles out for ridicule during his speeches. The entrance to the penned area is generally monitored by the Secret Service detail..."

Read the entire story HERE.

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