Mar 2, 2016

About Trump

"Madison and Jefferson never foresaw this situation. They knew there was danger of demagoguery, but they never imagined presidential candidates exchanging "mine's bigger than yours" jokes or doing "let's laugh at the disabled" routines. There's no map in the Constitution to tell us how to get out of where we're going. All we can do now is hold on."

                                                                                      Matt Taibbi column in Rolling Stone

And, from The Atlantic, the headline:

How Donald Trump Can Beat Hillary Clinton

He spent years as a moderate. He spent years as a nationalist. Why can’t he spend six months being a moderate nationalist?

If Trump doesn’t care about policy and his appeal truly transcends issues, what’s stopping him from becoming a starkly different person in the general election, the same way he's morphed, with convenient timing, from a moderate businessman—supportive of Canadian health care, a friend of Democrats, an admirer of Hillary Clinton—to a nationalist demagogue?

HERE is the full story.

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