Mar 31, 2016


   Just about every major media player in the world has been reporting the sex scandal involving family values Governor Robert Bentley.
     Bentley himself was visiting the Tutweiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka today, but his reply to questions about it were, well, non-comments. He suggested reported not "get fixated on any one particular personal issue...". Watch his comments HERE.
     The Washington Post has interviewed one of the people at AL.COM (not mentioning that it represents the combined resources of the three largest newspapers in the state), and you might find it interesting.
     I'll quibble with one part of the interview, in which the AL.COM person says the filing of an ethics complaint is a "big thing" in Alabama. Actually, the commission receives about 300 complaints a year, and at least some of them are timed to screw with candidates who are in an upcoming election. By the way, the Speaker of the House, indicted Mike Hubbard, appoints one of the member of the Commission, in this case Retired Circuit Judge Jerry Fielding.

     AL.COM is also running one of those horrible meaningless Internet polls. Should he resign? If they want to find out what people think, pay a professional polling company to find out. Internet polling is meaningless entertainment. And they know it.

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