Mar 7, 2016

MMMM # 530 The Best J-Movie Ever? and China's answer to Twitter.

     Is Spotlight the best journalism movie ever?

     A columnist in Knoxville thinks so...
     Jack McElroy writes:

" recent years, it's become de rigueur to bash the "lamestream" media. "Spotlight" is an authentic portrayal of the work to which newspaper journalists actually aspire, and it's a reminder of what will be lost if this craft ever dies away."

     New "self-media journalism" regulations will go into effect on Thursday in China...I call them that because it is difficult to compare social media in China to that in the U.S. 
     They have a social media called "we chat" that I believe is similar to Twitter.

According to estimates, there are now upwards of 10 million self-media accounts in China. The explosion in their ranks has helped WeChat evolve from a mere mobile-messaging app to an integrated information provider. In fact, it’s fair to say that the app has revolutionized the way people in China access information.
With so much news content now being channeled to tablet computers and smart phones, many newspaper veterans are leaving print journalism for the brave new world of self-media, a trend that has hastened the decline of print media.
 In other words, the digital revolution is unending the media in China too.


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