Mar 26, 2016

Statements most carefully stated.

When Governor Bentley made his televised statement about the non-affir he had with his chief political aide, it was a carefully written statement delivered word for word. You can watch the video, he reads everything, nothing left for chance.

And today, the Alabama GOP Chair released a statement that was also carefully crafted, walking a line between throwing Bentley to the wolves to making sure the party's butts are covered in case Bentley recovers:

Chairman Lathan Responds to Governor Bentley's
Revelations of Impropriety 

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan made the following statement: 

"We are very disappointed in the news that unfolded this week concerning Governor Bentley's personal conduct. The public expects our elected officials to act in an honorable manner. Governor Bentley's apology to our state was the minimum action needed to begin a healing process for us all.It is up to him now to earn back our trust, not in words but in actions."

"While we do not know if this storyline is finished, we do know that Alabama deserves the best from all who volunteer in public service, take an oath of office and ask for our support. Nothing less will be acceptable."

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