Mar 13, 2016

Sunday Focus: Put Down The Pad. Pick Up a Book!

     A new report suggests reading from an iPad before bed disrupts sleep, but reading from a physical book does not.

".......the researchers took polysomnographic recordings for three nights of sleep: one to collect a baseline of how each person slept, one night of reading from an iPad for 30 minutes before turning out the light and one night of reading from a book for the same amount of time."

      I do prefer to handle the paper pages of a book and of a newspaper too, though I only read the physical paper on Sundays now. And I'm sure that is an age-related preference. I grew up with ink on my fingers from newspapers (and don't get me started about ink form changing ribbons on wire this one.


  But I'm not a Luddite. Internet data grows every day, and I no longer have to remind myself to use a search engine (Google is easily my favorite) anytime I have a question about anything.

Younger folks don't have to go log on. They're online almost all of the time.


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