Mar 9, 2016

There is a Martian in the Alabama Congressional Delegation.

[A Disclaimer: The story this posting is based on includes the tragic shooting of a minister in Idaho. He was hit a half dozen times, including in the head. He has emerged from a coma. I sincerely hope he will recover. The posting is about the former U.S. Marine who is charged with shooting him. He was arrested at the White House Tuesday afternoon]

Kyle Odom

     His name is Kyle Odom.
     I have no training in psychiatry, but I'm willing to bet he is schizophrenic.
     He names Alabama Rep.Terri Sewell and almost two dozen other members of the U.S. House and some U.S. Senators as Martians who are able to make themselves look human. And they have been out to get him.

     He says this is what the aliens among us really look like when they are not looking like Rep. Sewell.
     You can read a lengthy story in The Washington Post.

     The ramblings of this mentally ill former U.S. Marine would be funny if it weren't for the fact that he had a gun and used it. We can be grateful that he picked the heavily guarded White House for his next visit, and not the homes or workplaces of any of the people he names as secret aliens.

     How many others like him are out there plotting? 
     I shudder to think.
     Support mental health spending.
     Support mandatory background checks of all gun purchases.
    That would truly be an investment in our futures.

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