Apr 28, 2016

Missed Opportunity

         You may have read the story about the woman in England who booked a flight from Manchester to Las Vegas, Nevada, changing planes in Birmingham. But she booked her own flights and selected Birmingham Alabama instead of Birmingham England...and it was only when she and her husband arrived in the British Birmingham that the error was discovered.
     She could not get a refund and the trip---a birthday surprise for her husband--was ruined. 
     My first thought: Get the Birmingham (Alabama) Chamber of Commerce and City Hall to buy them tickets to Vegas, including a stop in Alabama's Birmingham, and show 'em a great time in the Magic City.

    I don't know if anyone tried, but it is too late...Virgin Holidays* airlines did just that, including in their offer this little cheap shot truly unnecessary comment:

"We can offer flights from Manchester direct to Las Vegas for them - not quite Birmingham, but better than Alabama."

Remember that when you book a flight....anyone is better that Virgin.
*Virgin Holidays is one of Richard Branson's covey of airlines.

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