Apr 4, 2016

MMMM #533 --- Harper Lee & The Media, and President J-Professor Obama.

Harper Lee did NOT like the The Montgomery Advertiser...or TV!

Some of Lee's personal letters were auctioned off last week, and in one of them she berates the newspapers and TV for not reviewing a performance my an Opera star/friend and Montgomery native Nell Rankin.

 ''...Nell and Hugh...stayed overnight, and, thinking they'd see an account of the proceedings in the Montgomery papers, were mystified. Nothing. Zilch. Nell said she was interviewed at length by a reporter (she doesn't know from what paper) and an AP man. There also was TV coverage. None of this, apparently, was made public. At least, not in Montgomery. You of course know that publicity is part and parcel of a performer's professional life...and for there to have been NONE in Nell's home town...was downright insulting...For her to be snubbed by a tin-horn newspaper (because it's mad with the Governor) is so beneath contempt that I hope it goes out of business tomorrow...''

 That group of letters apparently sold for the minimum bid: $938.00, including buyers premium. Note the comment about her sister Alice on this last page of the letter:

     President  Obama turned journalism instructor last week, with a message for journalists:

“Journalism at its best is indispensible, not in some abstract sense of nobility, but in the really concrete sense that real people depend on you to uncover the truth,” Obama said. “The deep reporting, the informed questioning, the in-depth stories, the kind of journalism that we honor today matter more than ever.”

     No doubt some of the White House Press Corps chafed at hearing the media control freak Prez praise investigative journalism.


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