Apr 2, 2016

Saturday Data: Party Leaning And The Price Paid,

     Campaign managers have big broad ideas about how people vote by income, gender, age, race and many many other factors. But there are  exceptions to every one of those rules.

     With that said, African American tend to vote Democratic. Look at the crowds behind Donald Trump and Ted Cruize in the next rallies. Few if any faces of people of color. Then look at the crowds behind Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

     Here the headline in a story in The Atlantic that maintains black voters lost when they became Democrats in the 1960's with The John F. Kennedy presidency.

When Black Voters Exited Left

What African Americans lost by aligning with the Democratic Party.

HERE's is a link to the full story. A good read.

Alabama is one of the most Republican states, but nationally, Democrats are gaining an advantage

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