May 30, 2016

Some Stuff You Might Have Missed...

Four Memorial Day stories of note...

1----THE Doctor 96 years old....use the life saving exercise that bears his name to save someone. First time ever.

2-----Dan Rather at almost 85:

"All three of the evening newscasts are anchored by really good TV anchor people, and each broadcast has its own style. It’s a different world for journalism now, and I know that, if left to their own devices, they would do a more substantial hard-news broadcast. But they do the best they can. This is my own opinion — and sometimes I’m wrong — but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or more of the evening news broadcasts either done away with or moved going forward the next few years."

HERE is the entire interview. 

3-----Join The Club. A lot of Americans feel helpless about the political situation.
"55 percent of Americans, including 60 percent of
Republicans and 53 percent of Democrats, say they feel helpless about the 2016 election. And two-thirds of Americans under 30 report feeling helpless."


4----- People can't stop talking about the gorilla and the little boy at the Cincinnati zoo. Whew. Did the zoo have to kill the gorilla?

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