May 15, 2016

Sunday Focus: PBS on Alabama Prisons

    The PBS Newshour on Friday including a ten minute segment on Alabama Prisons. 
     You won't find anything new in the report...if you have been paying attention to the local and  state news, but it is a nice summary for a national audience of what has been reported.
     At the end of the report is the obligatory question about Governor Bentley's political mess:

JEFFREY BROWN: But now the governor faces a more immediate political threat: a state ethics investigation into his time in office, including whether he violated state laws in conducting an alleged affair with a former adviser.
The statehouse, including members of the governor’s own party, just moved ahead on impeachment proceedings.
The ethics investigation now, does that have any impact, do you think, on your potential to pass reform, prison reform?
GOV. ROBERT BENTLEY: "You know, I think that, look, some people will think that, and some people may use that. I really do not. I think that the legislators who understand the seriousness of this will not look at that. They will try to solve problems, just like I’m trying to do."

     Give Bentley credit for not shouting at the reporter as he did with local reporters..."Did you hear what I said?"complaining that he had restricted questions to the his friendly topic du jour.

     For whatever reason, the program did not report the death of Bentley's new prison construction program during the regular legislative session.
     The new facilities would be paid for by borrowing $800-million,
     No politician was ever elected in Alabama by promising to treat prisoners even a little well.
     Supporters of the Bentley proposal say if the state does not take action, the Feds will be here getting court orders to do so, and then the details will be in their hands. 

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