May 1, 2016

Sunday Focus: Power from The Sun


    Solar power advocates will be promoting solar power this week, celebrating the one-millionth solar energy installation.

      They claim one of the main impediments to more solar power is your power company. They say policies that could promote solar energy (and their own agenda) are blocked by traditional utilities.

Alabama has lots of sunshine...but little incentive to turn it into energy.

A new report from a pro-solar power environmental group ranks Alabama among ten sunny states that make it difficult for people to generate their own power via the sun. They title the report "Throwing Shade"

  In..."Hawaii (and) 21 other states across the country, the utility industry is challenging the laws, rules, and programs that have made solar a formidable clean energy contender. Investor-owned utilities see the recent rapid growth of rooftop solar--and all forms of homemade electricity, for that matter--as a revenue-killing, disruptive threat, particularly after a report last year from industry think tank Edison Electric Institute that both terrified and galvanized the industry."
                                        (From Throwing Shade)

     Another of the pro-solar power groups calls itself Solar Power Rocks, and it has page after page of info in support of solar power. Just read it knowing that it is paid for by the people who stand to gain through the use of solar power. Another group, The Solar Industries Energy Association they want you to pay for the "report" they offer to generate showing how much money you can save by using solar.

And the other side isn't taking it laying down. Alabama Power announced solar energy projects at The Anniston Army Depot and Ft. Rucker that only indirectly helps consumers. 

     The "story" is on the "news"| site run by the utility. Like the pro
solar-power sites linked in this posting, The Alabama News Center" is operated by a special interest, namely, Alabama Power, though that is not immediately apparent because the company name is grayed out on the site. 


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