May 5, 2016

Told you so..

Act 1

Recalling the April story about the woman who was booking a surprise birthday trip for her and her to Las Vegas from their home in Manchester, England, with a stop in Birmingham. Oops. She selected Birmingham Alabama instead of Birmingham England.

Act 2

My post of 4-28: Get the Birmingham (Alabama) Chamber of Commerce and City Hall to buy them tickets to Vegas, including a stop in Alabama's Birmingham, and show 'em a great time in the Magic City.

Act 3

"I think it is just a great chance for us to demonstrate to people in Birmingham, England and throughout the UK that Birmingham (Alabama) is a worthy tourist destination in its own right," said Tom Cosby, a retired Birmingham businessman.
Cosby is arranging the couple's trip with the assistance of the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau and several of Magic City's popular tourist attractions.

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