Jun 3, 2016

Can Forbes Find Alabama on a Map?

Here's the headline from Forbes:

Alabama Can't Afford Shiny New Toys When Its Budget Remains in Shambles.

      I recommend reading the article because people across the globe will read it and form an opinion about the state. 

     But since when is Forbes Magazine interested in Alabama? When they see a place with the lowest taxes in America actually considering raising some taxes for a change.  

"In fact – rather than rectify the state’s overspending problem, politicians and bureaucrats in Montgomery are proposing new spending projects that Alabama taxpayers simply cannot afford. An example of this is how Gov. Bentley wants Alabama taxpayers to fund the construction of a new bridge that will allow well-heeled vacationers to get to their beach houses faster." 

Dear Editors at Forbes: I am impressed that you know there are beaches in Alabama, but both houses of the Alabama Legislature have a Republican Super Majority, and every statewide elected official is GOP too. So I guess the lost Republican Party is at fault here? 

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Jay Croft said...

The Forbes article neglects to say where the $347 million "loan" came from.

And it quotes Grover Norquist, president of a group called "Americans for Tax Reform." The guy who forced legislators to sign a pledge never, never to raise taxes for any reason.