Jun 2, 2016

Coal Ash Slander

     The company that owns the huge commercial landfill operation called Arrowhead in Perry County Alabama made waves when it sued four area residents for protested the tons of coal ash buried in the landfill.

     They claim the protesters slandered the company. 

     The coal ash came from that huge Tennessee Valley Authority spill in Kingston TN several years ago. Several Million tons of the ash was loaded on train cars and carried to Alabama.

     There was a development in the story this week: The American Civil Liberties Union is representing the protesters in court.

"The American Civil Liberties Union filed court documents saying the four Perry County residents — Esther Calhoun, Benjamin Eaton, Ellis B. Long and Mary B. Schaeffer — were only exercising their First Amendment rights in protesting Arrowhead Landfill at Uniontown."

The full AP story is at the ABC TV site HERE.

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