Jun 13, 2016

Cutting the cord.

Just in case Mike Hubbard thought his Party was backing his appeal of his ethics convictions, here's the message sent out this morning:

ALGOP Chairman Lathan's Statement on the Mike Hubbard Convictions

"With the announcement of Mike Hubbard's guilty verdicts on twelve felony charges, the Alabama Republican Party is both deeply disappointed one of our leaders abused the trust placed in him and grateful that the rule of law has prevailed." 
"In 2011, the Alabama Republican Party made a decision to conduct an internal financial audit. This audit revealed concerns of possible improprieties of former ALGOP Chairman Mike Hubbard. The Party did the right thing in doing so and alerted the proper authorities to the findings."
"Earlier this year, the ALGOP Steering Committee asked Mike Hubbard to step aside as the Speaker of the House due to the distractions of his criminal trial. Without judging his guilt or innocence, we delivered a statement speaking for what we believed was in the best interest of our state, even if it meant being at odds with one of our own elected officials."
"We urge our fellow citizens not to heed the cynics who say "they are all the same" or to judge all public servants by the shortcomings of a very few. Like the faithful members of a congregation, we must not abandon our beliefs or blame the institution when a leader goes astray. We must tell the truth about the matter, apply the principles we stand for without favoritism, and maintain the integrity of our values." 
"We lift up the Hubbard family and friends in prayer at this difficult time."
"It is our hope and solemn prayer that all elected officials of our state start each day with a focus on those they serve.  May they honor the trust bestowed upon them and walk away from any hint of impropriety when it rears its ugly head. Those who live by these standards are worthy to be our leaders. We are grateful for their service."

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