Jun 20, 2016

MMMM 541 - Media Blamed for Orlando? And Trump Media Control.

      Is the media responsible for the Orlando gay bar massacre by reporting about the shooter?
     The L.A. Times says there's evidence to believe so, that by making public his posted video and words, we help create new killers. You may recall the law enforcement official in a previous mass-killing who refused to say the name of the killer. Does that help, or is it just more media bashing?
     Here is the L.A. Times story. 
     Plus there must be a million folks who claim the title "preacher" or something like it in the U.S. ONE of them screams that more gay people should have died in Orlando and he gets a bunch of attention from the media and the protestors?
     Sometimes I think people saying outrageous things should be...ignored?

     Donald Trump's campaign keeps adding to his list of media no longer allowed to cover his campaign. Would he do the same at White House briefings? 

     PLUS: congrats to all of the people who won Associated Press Awards on Saturday in Birmingham.

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Jay Croft said...

Careful, Tim.

Herr Drumpf may ban you next!

He's already banned from my house and property.