Jun 26, 2016

Sundy Focus: A History Mystery,

     I was reminded Saturday morning about the children's game in which one child jots down a few sentences of a story. He or she then whispers the brief story to the child next to him or her and so on around the circle till the last child says out loud what he has been told. Then the first child reads the original story.
     I'm sure there are similar stories in the Montgomery area, but this one caught my attention in The Boston Globe. It tells the story of a mid 1980's stone marker on an uninhabited Island. A marker with these three words: Where Shute Fell. HERE's the Globe story. 

  (One 1884) "article cast Shute in a much different light. The mysterious man was not a drunk, or colonel at all. Shute, when sober, the article said, was the “toughest ’rastler you ever seen,” and used his brute force to toss opponents to the ground during matches that were held on the island.
That is, until one day, the seemingly unbeatable Shute went down himself."

Do you know of a local history mystery? Share it and I'll do my best to investigate. 

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