Jul 21, 2016

"...about six-in-ten Americans (59%) feel exhausted by the amount of election coverage, while 39% say they like getting a lot of coverage about the election."

PEW has the details of the poll that finds election fatigue kicking in with three months to go before the general election. 

 Ironically, PEW finds people who say they are not paying much attention to the election coverage are more likely to say there is too much coverage!

"This feeling of fatigue is particularly true among those who aren’t following news about the election very closely – 69% of this group say they are worn out compared with about 41% of those who follow the election very closely."

Read the full polling by PEW HERE.
ALSO: twice this week, Federal Courts rejected Voter ID laws---in Texas and Wisconsin. Alabama is another state with such a law.

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