Jul 26, 2016

Hyundai's Future Vision

     Montgomery, Alabama,  has a vested interest in Hyundai...the company's only U.S. assembly plant is here and it employs thousands.

     Now the company has established a new lab in South Korea to look into the future and see what cars and transportation will be like in 14 years----2030. A website called carbay writes this about the lab titled IONIQ:

"The experts working under the IONIQ project have shortlisted twelve such trends that they expect would take over the car world by 2030. In the list are included changes like neo frontierism, hyper-connected society, co-evolution, eco-ism, mega-urbanisation, context-awareness based individualization, decentralisation of power, sharing society, multi-layered mash-up, anxiety, chaos, and hyper-aging society."
     We might need a translation of all that, preferably into English.
     "context-awareness based individualization"?
   No word on whether Hyundai will close their design facility in California, but the decisions made a the new facility will have a major impact on what kind of machines are produced in Montgomery and elsewhere.

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