Jul 30, 2016

Saturday Data: Saving Alabama History.

    Grants are handed out in Alabama by the thousands each year.
     Almost all of them come from Federal Government sources, since Alabama doesn't have much money.    
     Sometimes the grants are large..millions of dollars...and sometimes small, like the ones announced on Friday.
     They total $28,476 dollars, and even that was split sixteen ways. That's almost literally pennies compared to all of the grant money distributed each year.
     But some day, years from now, your ancestors in Alabama will say thank you.
     The money comes from the Alabama State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB). Several of the groups and agencies receiving funds are in the greater Montgomery area:

Autauga County Heritage Association: $4,664 to preserve, scan, and make publicly accessible photographs from the Pratt Gin Mill, and to install ultraviolet film on the museum's windows to block harmful light rays.
Elmore County Probate Archives: $2,414 to organize probate records into archival containers and to purchase a dehumidifier to counter high humidity levels in the archives.
Marengo County History and Archives Museum Foundation, Inc: $1,718 to purchase an overhead scanner and USB flash drive to use in digitizing deteriorating loose probate records of Marengo County.
University of West Alabama: $1,700 to hire a student worker to digitize a collection of Sumter County Circuit Court records.

And there is more. You can read the entire release listing other state groups sharing in the money to save historic records HERE

    This is chump change, but it will make a difference to the communities involved by saving their history, so some day a century from now people will be able to know about where they came from.

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