Aug 19, 2016

Another Missed photo Op?

     Remember the 3 year old little boy who drowned last year, his body washing up on a beach in Turkey. A photo of a soldier gingerly carrying the body on the beach? 
     The plight of the refugees from Syria did not change at all, despite the outcry.

     Now a new photo has been bouncing around on and off the net:

     It shows another little boy, a survivor of a bombing in Aleppo. His injuries are apparently not as bad as they appear. He is sitting in the back of an ambulance.
     But so what? 
     In the end the shock-of-the-day will pass and the bombing of Aleppo by the Syrian government will continue.

     About 400,000 people have died in that civil war in Syria. And more will die before it is over because most of the world has a short attention span, especially we Americans.

     What little boy?

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