Aug 7, 2016

Sunday Focus: Cost of Living

     Montgomery is one of three Alabama cities on a list of the 25 U.S. cities with the lowest cost of living!
     The Mental Floss story comes from Southern Experience editor Jay Croft, who found when he moved from Montgomery to Maryland, he could only afford a house half the size of his one in The Garden District!

Here's the list:
1. Fort Wayne, IN
2. Evansville, IN
3. Odessa, TX
4. Huntsville, AL
5. Wichita, KS
6. South Bend, IN
7. Montgomery, AL
8. Rochester, MN
9. Topeka, KS
10. Cedar Rapids, IA
11. Abilene, TX
12. Wichita Falls, TX
13. Louisville, KY
14. Oklahoma City, OK
15. Davenport, IA
16. Sioux Falls, SD
17. Shreveport, LA
18. Springfield, MO
19. Springfield, IL
20. Tulsa, OK
21. Toledo, OH
22. Mobile, AL
23. Amarillo, TX
24. Indianapolis, IN

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