Sep 11, 2016

Days of The Dead (Animals).

A neighbor cat in my yard with his latest catch this morning...a dead or dying squirrel.

Cats kill far more wildlife than had previously been expected:

".......the study attached “KittyCams” to 60 outdoor house cats near Athens, Georgia.  The cameras recorded their outdoor activities during all four seasons with study participants averaging five to six hours outside every day.
“The results were certainly surprising, if not startling,” said Kerrie Anne Loyd of the University of Georgia, who was the lead author of the study. “In Athens-Clarke County, we found that about 30 percent of the sampled cats were successful in capturing and killing prey, and that those cats averaged about one kill for every 17 hours outdoors or 2.1 kills per week. It was also surprising to learn that cats only brought 23 percent of their kills back to a residence.  We found that house cats will kill a wide variety of animals, including: lizards, voles, chipmunks, birds, frogs, and small snakes.”

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