Oct 9, 2016

"Early" Out for Siegelman?

From the folks supporting Former Governor Don Siegelman and producing a documentary about his trial, conviction and imprisonment:

Through the Early Release Program, former Governor Siegelman might be "breaking out" of Oakdale Federal Prison Camp in four months, February 8, 2017. From Early Release he will graduate to House Arrest in Birmingham. Then a probation of 3 years, ending on 8.17.2020, will follow. Of course, the BOP has discretion in this matter, and the earliest release date may not be the actual release date. We can hope, nevertheless, that we will have The Gov back in Alabama early next year.

Anticipating Home Confinement/House Arrest

Don wrote of his reservations about House Arrest in an email to his friends via Corrlinks, the prison email.
"Having been locked up for several years, being sequestered among inmates has an impact whether one wants to admit it or not. Here are some of the issues I am expecting to face on House Arrest/Home Confinement. . . .

"Some inmates turn down Home Confinement or a Halfway House. Maybe you can see why after reading this.

"Being around, close to, shaving, showering, sleeping, eating with a wide variety of male only humanity for several years straight has an impact. I have written about . . . the nick names, the lack of educational opportunities and the impact it has on inmates. I have written about the kinds of jobs, the pay, the scarcity of good food, the absence of loved ones to hold, hug or talk to. . . . The absence of news of what's happening to those one cares about and limits of knowing what's really happening in the free world. The price of a cup of coffee or the cost of a tasty meal.
"For me, not having a job, any income, or retirement benefits...I have no health insurance, no car, or a way to pay for one, or the insurance on one....a cell phone and laptop that's five years stagnant...everyday things that I will somehow have to cope with concerns me." Read More
We have our concerns and regrets too, Gov, but we look forward to your Early Release! We eagerly await the day you will breath Alabama air again, even if you can't leave the house. It's been a long and painful ride, Gov.
Let's make it mean something.

Dana Siegelman has 2 petitions

for her Dad asking the president to exonerate her father so he can return to public life!
If you have not signed one of the petitions, sign one today by clicking on the Petition graphic!
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