Oct 31, 2016

MMMM # 559 --- Billy is back (on social media anyway), Plus Canceling a columnist (and explaining it too).

     Billy Bush is back. At least he has resumed his social media life two weeks after he was let go for his participation in Donald Trump's sexist live-mike remarks.
Bush has been busy trying to return to life in Los Angeles, even putting up his luxury Manhattan townhouse on the market for $8.2million. 
Bush had purchased the building for $8.8million just last December. 
                                                                       (From a story in The Daily Mail in England).

      I was reminded of the decision by The Montgomery Advertiser to cancel the column by Josh Moon when I read about a similar decision at The South Cloud (Minnesota) Times. 
     The Executive Editor wrote about one of the many irate callers after they fired seven journalists, including a popular columnist and reporter:

The caller told me how many people looked forward to reading our columnist's work in the Times. Then she told me she was planning to drop her subscription.
"Please don't do that," I said. "Now I'm going to tell you why.”
The journalists who remain in our newsroom are working exceedingly hard, producing high-quality local journalism, I told her. They need your support.
You can read his entire column HERE.

     The situations are not identical...Moon was, so far as I know, the only person let go that week, at that paper. And there was no column from the local editor explaining it, leaving people to believe whatever they want about the decision, perhaps that Moon was let go because he presented another side to the prevailing conservative orthodoxy here.

     Moon's last column was ironic in that it dealt with the importance of hearing the other side of opinions, something he, as a liberal in a very conservative state, knows something about.

Maybe they intended the double meaning?

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