Oct 30, 2016

Sunday Focus: 100 Days Till Freedom?

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.17.41 PM
Dana Siegelman's petition for her Father.

     The folks supporting former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman  say a one hundred day countdown begins today till the earliest date he could be released.

     That does not mean he will be set free from the Federal Prison where he's serving time for a political corruption conviction, just that with time for good behavior, he could be.

     The former Governor has had some run-ins with the prison authorities, including the sale of one of his T-Shirts on ebay to raise money for a documentary about his prosecution. That earned him some time in solitary.


 There has also been a movement to convince fellow Democrat Barack Obama to pardon him, but the hundreds of pardons issued by The President in recent months have been for people sentenced to longer-than-appropriate time for drug crimes. Not a word about Siegelman. 

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