Oct 16, 2016

Sunday Focus: Three More Weeks.

  Have you also found yourself anxious for the end of this election? Do you avoid talking about it at work or family gatherings because it ends up being so stressful?
     You are not alone, regardless of which candidate you support.

     The American Psychological Association reports two demographic groups feel the stress the most...groups that usually don't have that much in common:
"Notably, the demographic feeling it the most are seniors. Close to 6 out of 10 people over 71 years old said they were stressed by this election. Millennials were the next most angst-ridden group."

The group also offers tips, including:
"Whatever happens on Nov. 8, life will go on. Our political system and the three branches of government mean that we can expect a significant degree of stability immediately after a major transition of government. Avoid catastrophizing, and maintain a balanced perspective..."

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