Nov 1, 2016

Birmingham Health Insurance Increase: 71%

     The folks at Kaiser are tracking increases in premiums as the first day of signing up for the (Not So) Affordable Health Care program begins.

 Of these major cities, the places with the largest increases in the unsubsidized second-lowest silver plan were Phoenix, AZ (up 145% from $207 to $507 per month for a 40-year-old non-smoker), Birmingham, AL (up 71% from $288 to $492) and Oklahoma City, OK (up 67% from $295 to $493). Meanwhile, unsubsidized premiums for the second-lowest silver premiums will decrease in Indianapolis, IN (down -4% from $298 to $286 for a 40-year-old non-smoker), Cleveland, OH (down -2% from $234 to $229), Boston, MA (down -1% from $250 to $247), and Providence, RI (down -1% from $263 to $261) and increase just 1% in Little Rock, AR (from $310 to $314).
You can compare any other parts of the country too HERE.

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